14th Street Pizza Co. Karachi

There are many international and local pizza inn in Karachi contending each other with different taste and toppings. 14th Street Pizza is one of the part of these. 14th Street is a very famous pizza joint with a delectable aftertaste. 14th Street Pizza comes with a different concept of a slice of hand-tossed pizza so, costumers can buy slices according to their need. 

14th Street Pizza’s menu is made with hand-tossed layer of dough topped with custom meat, melted cheddar cheese, different Veggies according to costumer’s choice with signature sauces that adds up the aroma of your customized pizza. You can also adds up fieriness of pizza to three stages Mild, Hot, Extra Hot.

14th Street’s serves a mouth-watering appetizer including Garlic Bread, Potato Skins, Potato Wedges, Cheesy Pockets and Breads and Chicken Wings also.

At the end of the meal 14th Street has a great feast dessert comprising of Nutella Pizza, New York Cheese Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake and Chocolate Cake.



 Plot 20-C, Lane, Main Bukhari Commerical,                                                                            Phase 6, D.H.A.                                                                                                                  Karachi, Pakistan.

 Tel: 111-36-36-36

2 thoughts on “14th Street Pizza Co. Karachi

  1. Usman

    A sheer disapointment today, Ordered in the afternoon, and one it came about 2 hours late and upon it the order was not correct. Called the customer services and the lady said your order had been discpatched but according to the delivery rider the order was issued 20 minutes after i had placed the call. Later i contacted again and the supervisor Miss. Shaista said we will correct the mistake in 20 minutes but still after 3 hours our order never came back.
    For the Management of 14th Street Pizza, your staff 1. are utter liers, 2. they are not of their word, 3. you guys suck big time to keep ppl like this who are not worth keeping.
    i paid in full as we dont like to eat for free but 14th street pizza today lost a client who orders a lot from you guys.
    Keep it up and one day you will loose your business.

    Dated: 5th January 2017
    1. Order Placed at 1:56pm.
    2. First Folowup Call 2:50pm
    3. Second Followup Call 3:10pm
    4. Order Recieved 3:25pm

    Order was not correct.
    5. Order Complain 3:30pm

    Was insured that our order will be corrected in 20 mins time.
    We never recieved our order and we as a good citizen paid in full. the total bill paid Rs. 4600/-


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