BoviChic A Regional Alternative to your International Preferences!

When it’s time to taste the great food even without travelling much distance, Bovi Chic is the right place to choose located in the heart of the city, plenty of vehicles in surrounding and a white colored sign board discern the place.


Single menu containing an awesome assortment of food items on display, some of which are long-familiar and are the basis of goodwill, one of us did the same chosen the most requested, but I opted eating GYRO a unique and looking delicious preference.


At Bovi Chic we wasted our valuable time in search of water finally purchased for nothing but washing hands, so don’t forget to either bring or purchase the same, no need if the hands already washed


Items those we have tasted and others all were found in affordable prices, Crisp Burger Rs. 180


Pair of Gyro Rs. 210


We ordered a Crisp Burger and a pair of GYRO with Regular Drinks and all that cost us Rs. 440.


Separate place for families, plenty of space to park the vehicles, lot of staff working inside neat and clean kitchen as we took a glance while searching water but wouldn’t allowed to capture. The stated Bovi Chic branch can easily be found either coming from five star chowrangi nearby sarina mobile market or from Aisha Manzil followed by Mukka Chowk and Gulshan Chorangi.

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