Cloud Naan – Wood Fire Fusion Karachi

Naan is a traditional bread of Pakistan serve with every food from daal to sabzi and gravy to nihari paya. The specialty of naan is that it is baked in the cylindrical clay oven called Tandoor. The aroma of freshly baked naan will increase the appetite of the person standing in the row waiting for their hot naans.

But do you ever heard flavorful naans? Yes, flavorful naans because Cloud Naan in Karachi is now serving flavorful naans stuffed and topped with different fusions around the world which are very enticing and divine.

The amazing fact about Cloud Naan is that the naans are freshly baked in the wood fired brick oven. These naans become more delectable when it will be consume with a tea or coffee. Every bite of these fluffy and stuffy naans will forget you in the love of these naans.

Cloud Naan bears wide range of flavors including Tikka Naan, Cheeseburger naan, Greek naan, Beef & Mushroom Melt and the most famous Nutella and Oreo Naan.



Shop # 4 & 5, Plot # 5-E, Bokhari Commerical Street # 1, Phase VI, DHA

Karachi, Pakistan.


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