Cravings never say no

The word Craving means a powerful desire of something or mostly food. Cravings is anew local diner competing with other local joints in Karachi located at Main Commercial Area M.Ali Society captivating an extensive crowd towards its tempting cuisines.


Cravings is a fusion cuisines restaurant catering Chinese, Fast foods, Italian touches along with Desi tarkas. Cravings had dragged many foodie towards it to snuff out the food crave.


According to Cravings over 300 people were waiting for their turn and for this reason Cravings has also given an 30% OFF on entire menu offer for limited time. It will be now accessible to quench your crave on your pocket.


Cravings is a double storey centrally air-conditioned restaurant with a pleasant and soothing ambiance. It also offers comfortable and luxury dinning tables.

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I counsel everyone to visit Cravings and keep trying every restaurants in Karachi and also share your experience with us.


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