Now Karachi Can Take a Dragon Breath From a Cafe Ice Mokes.

Want to take a Dragon Breath? No no not with any circus techniques. This Dragon Breath that I was disclosing is a dessert made up of Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream balls and was responsible for a smoky and foggy breath. This smoke and fog is not harmful although, it is favorable for a human body as it contains nitrogen which we inhaled in every second.

Dragon Breath dessert has finally made their debut in Karachi and are the treat not to be missed. This dessert balls will be in Karachi from the New Year Eve of 2017 in the recently designed cafe known as Ice Mokes situated at D.H.A.


Ice Mokes also serve some beverages in different flavors containing foggy smoke. They also serve fried chickens in cone with sauce toppings. Dragon Breath Shots is a new concept and we all should try this and enjoy the smoky and foggy breathing.



Shop # 1, Stadium Lane # 3, Khadda Market, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: 0315 2404304

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