Famous Bakeries in Karachi Features some Freshly Baked Food.

Everyone desired to consume the freshly baked Items rather than stale food which is offensive for health and even causes many diseases. These are the some bakeries in Karachi winning the hearts of many Karachiites and getting popular for their fresh foods.

1.Hobnob Bakery



Hobnob is a highest growing bakery of Karachi and is expanded in many parts of Karachi. It offers different treats include biscuits, donuts, patties, pastries and different fresh and colorful cakes. They use the imported grain to prepare their breads and other items.


2.La Farine “Oven Fresh Bakery″



La Farine is popular for its cakes mostly simple but enticing and luscious. They offers the best designing cakes related with every occasions. La Farine has about five outlets in Karachi. They also have some mouthwatering bakery goods from biscuits to pastries and pastries to breads. They also acquire an ice-cream parlor serves flavorful ice-creams.


3.Pie In The Sky 


Pie In The Sky is also vastly scattered and has more than ten branches in Karachi. They serves some best biscuits and cookies, fresh bread and sandwiches, brownies and cakes, pies and pastries, cupcakes and muffins along with colorful donuts. The only reason for its popularity is less expensiveness and its easy to pay for a normal pocket. It introduces the dessert bar for any occasions or events. 


4.Lals Patisserie


Lals Patisserie as the name indicates that it is a hub of cakes and pastries only. Lals serves the wide range of flavorful fresh cakes, cup cakes, brownies and pastries. It also baked fresh and crunchy breads.


5.Red Ridding Hood Bakery


The Ridding Hood Bakery has grown to 4 locations due to their freshly baked products which attracts many customers across Karachi. It is the only bakery to melt branded and imported chocolates for frosting and coating of cakes. It offers variety of different cakes, cupcakes and biscuits. It also serve coffees which are admired by a large crowd.


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