Hunger’s Pack Karachi

In the world of tough competition, the food industry of Pakistan is also competing with different international food joints to achieve the goal and indeed Pakistan possess some best food joints which are better than international restaurants. Hunger’s Pack is Incorporated in one of these best local burger joints.

Hunger’s Pack initiated with an autonomous restaurant in Karachi but enticing shakes and delectable food hiked their position to the top of the list. They have two branches in Karachi. Their outlets bear a soothing and calming ambiance with an ancient red brick architect wall.

Hunger’s Pack offer the very different and savory menu and their speciality include Baked Potato, Tender Wings, Steak Pack, Ramen Noodle Hunger and Chicken CLT. The meal can be enjoyed with free drink refill.




22-C, Street# 6, Saba Avenue, Badar Commercial
Karachi, Pakistan.                                                                                                                       Phone: (021) 38781647


Regency Apartments, Block 4, Gulshan                                                                                 Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 0311-111-HP-HP(47-47)

14th Street Pizza Co. Karachi

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