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Dessert is decisive after every substantial meal to make a day wonderful. The Dessert will become even more satisfying if it will be healthy and hygienic. Dessert will be of many types but here I am talking about Ice-Cream. I am sure you are little appalled to hear the word Ice-Cream with healthy. Yes I know there is cross connection between the ice-cream and health, but I am assure this Ice-Cream parlor will be healthier than others.

IyshCleem is located at Bahadurabad Char Minar Chowk. It is an advanced innovation in the ice-cream industry due to the debut of Thailand Ice-Cream in Pakistan. IyshCleem admit disparate flavors in town along with distinctive serving styles.

The amazing thing about this ice-cream parlor is that the ice-cream making is live in front of you on an ice-cream stove. This ice-cream is not a scoop or in a cone this is spiral in shape. They have varieties of different flavors including Nuts, Kiwi, Coconut, Oreo, Nutella, Khajoor with banana, Mango, Coco Choco Toffee and Benefig. The nutella milkshake is served in a nutella jar.

This is a place in Karachi where all foodies should visit and try something new and healthy ice-creams better than unhealthier ones.



Shop # 3, Ismail Center,                                                                                                            Char Minaar Chorangi,                                                                                                   Bahadurabad,
Karachi, Pakistan.                                                                                                                     PHONE : 0342 3423000

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