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It’s been so long that we haven’t shared any newfangled eateries, the reason behind was too busy to go for lunch or diner 🙂 , however this time we have visited neither a newfangled nor an outmoded but a long-familiar one, the “Kaybee”.


It was around 3:30 pm after noon we got in. It was hard to sit amid of huge gathering of families then a server led us to a comfortable place. Sitting arrangement has been allocated within a large hall, where it is difficult to talk as the voices of families were being echoed which were mostly of women and children. A booklet of menu with bunch of tissue papers along with two spoons to hold the later not fly in was presented first.


From appetizers to Burgers, sandwiches to fried items, BBQ to Grilled steaks and traditional handi and karahi were affixed and waiting to be ordered under the stated booklet, besides this a cart offering exclusive deals was also available at the back of the menu booklet.

We ordered a chicken sandwich


and a shashlik

chicken shashlik kaybee
chicken shashlik kaybee

for which we have been charged Rs. 575


At the entrance and while we were leaving noticed a buffet to be led off as the servers were carrying actions in taking first steps sharp at 4:00 pm to onward, it was Hi Tea Buffet within an affordable price of Rs. 399 with plenty of items as depicted below.


We found Kaybee near hyderi market. It is also near to five star chowrangi.

Restaurant: Kaybee
Location: Plot # D-6, Block D, North Nazimabad Near Five star Chowrangi and hyderi market
Cuisine: BBQ, Continental, Fast Food, Ice Cream Parlour
Phone: (021) 36721584
Timing: 12PM – 12AM

Kaybee Service
4 / 5 stars


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