KFC North Nazimabad

Today we have decided to choose an eatery which is frequently experienced, among a list of many well known and long familiar brands, KFC was chosen to go out for lunch.


Although KFC was an acceptable eatery in physical appearance but i was quite surprised when a stranger accompanied with an old man asked me “Is that a hotel” who were in search of traditional hotel for their afternoon meal.


Doors followed by another door to get into, down the stairs servers available to get you connect to your desired order.


In summers not an ideal place to go for lunch, although Tower air conditioners have been placed but there was no cooling.

We have been forbidden to capture the deals and menu banners available at the counter but before he stop us, below has already been captured.


We order Krunch Burger deals, it took 20 minutes to taste what was order, while we have been requested to wait for five minutes.


Two aforesaid deals billed us  Rs.500, each consist of two Krunch Burgers, which looks quite reasonable and affordable from KFC.


Low visitor count observed on working days.

Being on the service road, plenty of space for parking not allocated by KFC, a watch man sitting under a tree to look after both KFC and parked vehicles.

Located opposite to Rangers office, near Matric Board Office karachi.

Restaurant: KFC
Location: North Nazimabad Near matric board office
Cuisine: Fast Food
Phone: (021) 111 532 532
Timing: 12PM – 12AM

KFC Food Quality
3 / 5 stars
KFC Sitting Area
3 / 5 stars
KFC Service
1 / 5 stars