Homemade Nutella Cake By Sammy’s Creation Make people Crazy Over It.

Nutella is a simple chocolate spread contains hazelnuts but it has now addictive for many foodies and no one in the world can denied this fact. The taste of Nutella is even better than many chocolates around the world. Nutella is consumed and used up around the world in many desserts and mainly at breakfasts.

The Nutella Cake mostly liked by the Karachi foodies was a homemade nutella cake and has a outstanding and super delicious taste. This Nutella cake is made by a baker in Karachi known on social media as Sammy’s Creation.

This nutella cake is very tempting. It was a double layer cake and purely frosted by nutella spread. the cake was so moist and soft and make a large crowd crazy over it. This Nutella cake is a must try for every Karachi. It cost only for Rs. 1000 for 2 pound cake.

You can easily order it on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammys.creation20

Email: sammys.creations20@gmail.com

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